My Story

I have always had an interest in Japan. I am still not exactly sure what it was. Perhaps it was the strange writing system. Maybe it was because Japan is where video games and anime come from. For whatever reason, I have always been drawn to Japan.

I fostered an interest in all things Japanese. When I was 16, I had an opportunity to visit Japan on a two-week homestay in Fukuoka. It was a big thing for me to step so far outside of my comfort zone. I came back home knowing that I would return to Japan. After returning home I prayed that God would not let me forget that I was to return to Japan. However, with time my desire to return was not forgotten, but did move to the back of my mind as I finished high school and college.

While I was attending Bible College, I was reminded of going to Japan. The subject of Japan just kept coming up. Several missionaries that I was reading about had at least visited Japan. During the winter break, a missionary from Japan was visiting and spoke in front of the church. It was my chance! I knew I had to get in contact with him.

I emailed the missionary and waited a few months for a response. Just when I had decided that I probably wasn’t going to get a response, a reply appeared in my inbox! I responded and we began to discuss me visiting the church he served at in Tokyo.

I went back to Japan. The door to Japan was opened and my calling was confirmed. I waited 10+ years from my first trip to Japan until I was ready to go back. Japan feels like home to me and I am glad to be serving where God has led me.

It took many years for God to work in me and mature me to realize the reason for going back to Japan. I would not be going back because anime and video games are cool. I would be going back to work towards reaching the people of Japan For God’s kingdom.