Sending Support

Asking for support is one of the harder things a missionary has to do. There are stories of missionaries who never ask for support and God provides exactly what is needed exactly when it is needed. There are stories of missionaries who openly seek support and are successful. So which way should I choose? I think both ways can be correct.

I have decided that in my ministry, I will pray and put my needs before God and He will fill them. I believe that God will work through you, my Christian family to fill the need. I will also work to make my needs known and ask you for support, forming closer friendships with you along the way.

It is not my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable by asking for support. I am more than understanding if you are not in a position to donate any money and I will not let that decision affect our relationship.

I am more than happy just to have your support in prayer.

However, if you think you might want to send financial support, I ask that you first pray about it. Pray that God would guide you as you consider supporting me. Pray for some of the things that I have listed on the prayer page.

Also send me prayer requests. The partnership that we form when you support me is reciprocal. I want to pray for you too! Please let me know how I can pray for you!

If you’ve decided to donate

If you have prayerfully considered to support me financially, there are a few ways you can do so.

If you don’t need a receipt for taxes

If you don’t need a receipt for tax purposes, you can donate via PayPal using the button below. This is the quickest and most direct way to support.

If you would like a tax receipt

If you would like to donate and receive a receipt, please contact me and I will let you know how that can be done. For security purposes, I will give the information upon request only. You can contact me via the contact page.